Our certificates are independent evidence of our quality, reliability and sustainable economic activity. Our integrated management system is audited every year both by internal and various independent external auditors. However, a management system must be developed and integrated in daily working routine before it becomes ready to be certified. We adhere to the philosophy that we must continuously improve on the basis of stable processes to ensure sustainable success for both us and our customers. Against this background, Bada will remain a reliable and flexible partner for highest expectations.


Bada was certified according to the extremely strict quality management system standard of the German automobile industry as early as 2004. Bada has not only gone along with this permanent development from the first to the currently valid version of the IATF 16949 standard, it is continuous process improvement and personnel development that reflect our basic understanding of sustainable economic activity. This is not only a consistent basis for consistent quality; it enables us to react flexibly to our customers’ requirements and jointly find the best compound for every application.



Bada’s responsibility for our employees, neighbours and towards society is growing hand in hand with our continuous growth and our company’s success. We are happy to take on this responsibility because we know that our company’s economic success is extensively based on our ability to sustainably handle our available resources. In our opinion, a company based on sustainability, whose core values comprise quality, environment, and social standards will be able to continue this economic success story in the future. Thus, we have committed ourselves to embed environmental protection as business objective in our policy, in addition to top product quality. This requires the development of guidelines to be able to implement this goal effectively in our company to realize sustainable environmental protection. The environmental standard ISO14001, which has been successfully implemented in our management practice, is a good basis to reach this business objective.



Based on the international environmental protection standard ISO 14001, the EMAS regulation (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) exceeds the statutory requirements for systematic operational environmental protection by far. Thus, it is one of the most challenging systems for sustainable eco-management worldwide. It reveals that it is not merely the environment that benefits from continuous improvement of environmental performance, open dialogue with all interested groups, and active participation of all employees. At Bada AG, economic activity and environmentally responsible behaviour go hand in hand – a credo that has secured sustainable success for us and all our partners and will do so in the future.



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